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Help Desk

POP3 AND SMTP SETUP - iPhone/Smart phones

These setting only apply if Webbuilder is providing the SMTP service instead of the default ISP.

Most iPhone/Smartphones have a similiar setup, although the screens may look different the same principles and settings apply

  • Setup Incoming Mail (POP3)
  • Setup Outgoing Mail (SMTP)

Step 1

  • Select 'Settings"


Step 2

  • Scroll down and select "Mail, Contact, Calandars" (some phone may only show Mail)

Select Mail

Step 3

  • Select "Other" (if your phone does not show this screen it may show screen in step 4)

Add Email account

Step 4

  • Select "Add Account" if you're setting up a new account
    OR Select "Your Email Account" to change an existing email account

Add Email account

Step 5 - Setting up POP (incoming mail)

  • Select POP account
  • Add name , email address
  • Description: Any description to identify this email account e.g. email address (does not affect success of receiving mail)
  • Add Incoming mail server : pop3.webhost.co.nz (pop.webhost.co.nz, mail.webhost.co.nz should all work too)
  • Add username (= email address) and password (type it exactly as provided)
  • >> Save

POP email account

  • Note: Server Port number remains unchanged: 110 and SSL not enabled is fine.

Step 6 - Setting up SMTP (outgoing mail)

  • Select SMTP (Outgoing Mail Server)
    You may have to go back to Accounts to find the Outgoing Mail Server or scroll

SMTP setup

Step 7

  • Select the Primary Server - should be On
  • The details in the Primary Server needs to be changed if it is the only email account (and we're the provider), if not you can add another Server (if you e.g. have another service provider's email account too)
  • Note - if the mail is unsuccessful using the primary server, it will try the other SMTP servers in succession. Use Primary for your default, most commonly used mail account to speed up sending.

SMTP settings

Step 8

  • Outgoing Mail Server host name: smtp.webhost.co.nz
  • Add User name (= email address) and password
  • Select SSL = ON
  • Change Server Port to 465
  • Authentication: Leave MD5 Challenge-Response if default (if it does not work, change to Password)

    NOTE: On some phones (e.g. iphone IOS7) you may not be able to change the Server Port here
    • Tap on 'Authentication' and select 'MD5 Challenge-Response' - then go back to the previous screen.
    • Tap on the 'Server Port' and change to 465

  • ALTERNATIVE: Use Server Port = 587, with TLS and Authentication set as 'Password' (especially for iPhones)

SMTP setup smtp password

Step 9 - Leave a copy of mail on the server

  • Settings > Mail > (your e-mail account) > Advanced > Delete From Server option.
  • Select Leave a copy on server for 7 or 10 days if you wish to read mail using internet webmail
    This is important to ensure mail is ALSO delivered to your desktop/laptop. If not set, all the mail is downloaded to the phone only.

  • Send a test message to yourself to check if outgoing mail working



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